1.When do I need to VAT register abroad ?

Foreign companies which carry out certain commercial activities abroad, may be held  to submit VAT returns and are consequently obliged to register for VAT purposes in the relevant countries. These companies should make sure that the domestic tax regulations are obeyed.

There are various situations where a VAT registration is required:

  • Etc.
Belgian VAT Desk operates a department, European VAT Desk, of which purpose is to assist companies in dealing with their VAT obligations in all the 28 EU Member States. See more on  www.vatdesk.eu.
2. Our Global Solution

Our Global Solution includes but is not limited to compliance services. Indeed, we also offer our VAT Expertise and Know-How across the various domestic Regulations that prove to be a must inter alia in the following circumstances:

  • Change of Regulations;
  • Change in your business (new or adapted flow transactions, new or modified logistic routes, new business, closing of business, etc.);
  • Preventing risk exposures and avoiding penalties and/or late payment interests;
  • Dealing with voluntary disclosures in case of mistakes or omissions;
  • Local Authoritie’s request of information or audit;
  • Contacting your providers/customers regarding erroneous invoicing;
  • Etc.

Our Global Solution is based on our professional experience enabling us to propose you an Integrated VAT Assistance Contract. As a result, you can fully rely upon us and focus primarily on your business:

  • A Single Point of Contact: we will be your sole contact person, no need to deal with numerous providers for each country, no need to deal with numerous Tax Authorities in many languages;
  • An European Approach: we master the whole process in every E.U. Member State (contrarily to local providers), including EU Law requirements that must be obeyed by local Tax Authorities;
  • A Multi-lingual Team: we are your contact person and we act towards local authorities or local suppliers on your behalf .
  • VAT Expertise and know-how at the European level for well-defined issues or situations such as VAT audit, regularization process, etc.


3. The Global Solution includes the services:
  • Administrative assistance in applying for a VAT registration number in any of the 28 Member States;
  • VAT bookkeeping (sales and purchase ledgers);
  • Completing and filing VAT returns;
  • Completing and filing EC Sales Listings;
  • Completing and filing the Annual Listings;
  • Completing and submitting “Intrastat” declarations;
  • Invoices compliance chekcing;
  • Update of any relevant VAT information including possible optimized schemes;
  • Road map on the VAT treatement of your business